Balance Board


  • 🏆 [BEST FOR BALANCE TRAINING AND PHYSICAL THERAPY]: Use Diliboz Wooden Balance Board as wobble board with your standing desk, as plank board, balance board trainer and rocker board for your physical therapy and ankle therapy whether you are kid, toddler, adult or 60up senior.
  • 🧘 [ANTI-SLIP AND ANTI-SCRATCH]: Protective strips at the edges of our board will give you peace of mind while using them on any flat surface including carpet, tile, and wooden floors.
  • 🏂 [COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC]: Our balance board was designed while keeping your daily routines in mind. You can use it as a standing desk board in the office, slant board in the gym, or calf stretcher board for physical therapy at home. We sized it to accommodate most body types with distinct dimensions 17.5×13.5×4 that can handle up to 350 lbs
  • 💪 [BEST FOR CORE STRENGTHENING]: After testing multiple height and depths we found 4 inch to be the most optimum depth that will challenge your core strength and improve it over time through exercise
  • 🎯 [BONUS FEATURE]: Unlike any balance board in the market ours have resistance balance band incorporated to help you to jump a difficulty level to improve your fitness further and use for Pilates

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